Air Frier silicon pot Korea
[Seoulpapa] Air Frier silicon pot Korea
[Seoulpapa] Air Frier silicon pot Korea
[Seoulpapa] Air Frier silicon pot Korea

Air Fryer Silicone Pot / Microwave / Made in Korea | Seoulpapa

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It is a potthat can be easily used by putting food in the Airfryer container to cook and then as a serving plate immediately.


- When using Air Fryer, mommy don't have to clean the rack every single time! Just simply use a Silicone Pot for an easier cleaning~!

- 3 sizes that fit every type of air fryers

- Nice decorating!

- Cook  your food more tasty with a cross-shaped pot bottom. The cross-shaped pattern on the bottom surface to circulate the hot air evenly, so the oil flow becomes smoother and the air circulation is more improved, which makes your food crisp and more delicious.

 - Silicone material which is safe for your health! - 100% Made in Korea

- Can be used and sterilized in Microwave Oven.

- Easily taken out and can be used as a bowl


Product information:


M: 160 x 60

L: 190 x  60

XL: 220 x 60

Colour: Pink, Grey



1. Do not expose to direct fire

2. Be careful not to touch sharp objects such as knives or scissors

3. Do not wash with a hard scrubber, use a soft sponge instead

4. Due to the soft material, be careful of burns caused by water vapor when carrying it to the table.

5. If you use dark-coloured food repeatedly, the product’s colour might change.

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