TGM silicone heart integrated soother pacifier
TGM silicone heart integrated soother pacifier
TGM silicone heart integrated soother pacifier

TGM silicone heart integrated soother pacifier

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With a heart full of love for children
TGM heart soother pacifier tgm hearty silicone pacifier heart soother pacifier

“The first step to oral exercise for your child, with trustworthy TGM”
Teething is the first step in your child’s oral and brain development.
Join us with trustworthy TGM for the safe growth of your precious child.

Made of safe all-platinum silicone material
Safety without worrying about hygiene
Designed to suit the child’s body type and oral movements
Application of ergonomic design

TGM’s design, which was inspired by nature,
It contains the wish for the child’s healthy growth.
Professional technology accumulated over a long period of time exclusively for baby products,
Through the process of constantly focusing on creating better products,
We always want to be the best choice for your child.

A heart that loves children
TGM Heart Pacifier was created with inspiration from the hearts of parents who love their children.
A cute heart filled with the love of parents for their children.
It will help your child's oral cavity and brain grow healthily.
Ergonomic design for kids,
TGM Heart Soother Pacifier
TGM Heart soother pacifier
To deliver the best feeling of use to precious children
Through numerous sample tests over a long period of time,
An ergonomic design suitable for children has been applied.

Analyzing the child's oral structure
By applying a streamlined wing structure,
in use
due to friction
Protects from stings and scratches.
By analyzing the oral structure
Does not irritate the palate
Apply anti-gagging design
Prevents nausea and rejection.
Considering the tooth development process
in use
step without change
can be used continuously
Optimal hardness was applied.
Flat, horizontal, streamlined nipples
Designed at an angle that makes it easy for a child to bite
Even children who are using it for the first time
You can easily adapt.
*There may be differences in actual use for each child, so please use it as reference material.

TGM Heart soother pacifier is KC certified and under the quality control standards of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
Manufactured safely in Korea by applying strict production processes at the level of medical devices.
You can use it with confidence without worrying about environmental hormones such as BPA, BPS, BPF, and phthalate.
To realize TGM’s top priority, which is the healthy growth of children,
I sincerely hope that my child will use it.
TGM promises to always consider safety first.