TGM Baby Bottle Nipple (2PCS)
TGM Baby Bottle Nipple (2PCS)
TGM Baby Bottle Nipple (2PCS)
TGM Baby Bottle Nipple (2PCS)

TGM Baby Bottle Nipple (2PCS)


A Classic Mother’s Choice, TGM

【 TGM Baby Bottle Nipple 2PCS 】

🔍 Check Point

✔ Optimal nipple design
Anti-blockage system & Anti-colic vavle system

✔ A detailed design that makes resembles mother's breasts
The surface of the nipple is specially processed for the best resemblance of hardness and texture of mother's breasts.

✔ Ergonomic Curve
Designed ergonomically to mimic mother's breat curve for stable feeding.

✔ Designed for unobstructed feeding
Six long short bumps located inside help milk flow smoothly at a consistent rate.

✔ Stable and resilient feeding
Distinguished thickness between the part that the baby sucks and the bottom of the nipple makes nipples not to be
distorted easily even with strong sucking.

🔍 Information

▪ Country of manufacture: South Korea
▪ Material & Heat resistance : Silicone 120℃
▪ Type : Step 1 (0~3 months), Step 2 (2~5 months), Step Y (4~7 months), Step Plus (6 months ~)

🔊 Precautions

1. It fits perfectly on TGM bottles only.
2. It is recommended to replace it every 2-3 months.
3. It can be sterilized with hot water , UV sterilizer, and can be washed with a dishwasher.
4. Do not place in fire or direct sunlight.