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When using the air fryer, I often cook a lot of oily food. There is nothing more convenient than an airfryer, but it is true that it is too cumbersome to wash the dishes after eating. But do you know that there is a much more convenient way to use and keep the airfryer clean than the traditional way which we already knew? Today, I will share with you a review of the new Air Fryer Silicone Container.

Why do you need air fryer silicone container?

If you've just bought an air fryer, you may not be aware that washing the dishes in the air fryer is quite a hassle. However, if you have used an air fryer for a few days, you would know that cleaning the airfryer is more cumbersome than you think. The necessity of the air fryer silicone container, in my opinion, is as follows.

- It makes cleaning the airfryers easier.
- Help the hot air circulation heats food more evenly


seoulpapa korean air fryer silicon pot review

What I ate with the air fryer silicone container It can be used for a variety of foods, from pork to pizza, honey bread, sweet and pork.

Air fryer paper foil?

I also used a lot of paper foil on the air fryer at first. The first few times I used it, it worked fine, but when cooking duck meat or chicken that are oily, the paper foil gets greasy and sometimes one or two drop of oil is spilled in the process of throwing away the paper foil, which is kinda annoying. In addition, the paper foil might burn if used in a long time. I've never seen a fire caused by using paper foil, but these rumours make me a little worried so I stopped using them.

seoulpapa air fryer silicon pot review

Air fryer silicone container size 

Since the air fryer is made up of various sizes, the silicone container inside the air fryer is also made up of various sizes. Therre are 3 sizes with the brand of silicon pot I am using, so it's really easy to choose a proper size for myself. I think it would be good to see the product details and check the size and use it according to the air fryer you have.

Silicone container washing dishes?

In general, you can wash the dishes together when washing the dishes. As you can see in the picture, it is made of rubber, so it was easy to hold and wash the dishes. However, it was easier to wash the dishes by putting them in water before washing them.

seoulpapa airfryer silicon pot review

Air fryer silicone container recommended

There are several types of silicone containers. In my case, I use this product that I forgot the brand. You can choose your own brand that you trust. If you have ever used an air fryer, a silicone container is highly recommended.