Spectra sterilizer review after 3 month purchase!

Why do we need UV sterilizer?

Baby's items such as milk bottle, fork, spoon, bowl, etc. need to be cleaned thoroughly, ensuring safety and hygiene for the next use. However, washing, boiling rinsing and drying at normal temperature will not kill all bacteria and viruses. Therefore, to overcome this, many modern nursing mothers have chosen a UV drying sterilizer. This is considered the optimal choice to help mothers save time and help their children have delicious and healthy meals. So, what are the advantages of sterilizer?

 spectra sterilizer review

UV drying sterilizer eliminates 99.99% of bacteria

Compared with the old-fashioned boiling water sterilization method, using a UV drying sterilizer makes baby's bottles about 20 times cleaner and safer. With high sterilization ability, it can remove up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that are harmful to your baby's health.

The UV drying sterilizer can sterilize many items

Not only used to sterilize baby bottles, with a UV drying sterilizer, parents can take advantage of sterilizing many different objects such as spoons - forks, dishes, baby toys, phones, ipads, etc.… or household items. Thanks to that, the children's utensils and equipment are always guaranteed to be clean and disinfected, and parents are also more assured when letting their children touch and use them.

UV drying sterilizer helps moms save time and effort

As mothers know, to take better care of their babies, mothers often use 3-4 milk storage bottles. There are many mothers who are used to: washing, rinsing the bottle in boiling water and waiting to dry, so they think that a sterilizer is not necessary. However, for modern mothers, all kinds of things that cannot be handled at the same time, a sterilizer is an extremely necessary device. They will help mothers save maximum time to spend time focusing on other tasks.

For parents, nothing is more important than the health of their baby. And the UV drying sterilizer is a "effective assistant" to help parents take better care of their babies. They both kill bacteria and protect the health of the baby while helping parents save time in the maximum way.

spectra sterilizer review

So, what are the advantages of Spectra sterilizer that make it stand out comparing to other sterilizers on the market? Compared to other sterilizers, what are the superior features of Spectra UV Sterilizer?

Osram UV lamp made in Italy

This tool has three fans of the highest quality which helps the drying process, and two fans to dry sterilized equipment so that the drying process is much faster. Meanwhile, one other fan is a ventilator fan that functions to reduce odors caused by radiation.

spectra sterilizer review

Storage System

The item is equipped with a storage system or storage system, you can store sterilized objects to keep them sterile for 10 hours.

Stainless Steel Surface

With curve grooves on the stainless steel surface, the Spectra UV Sterilizer is capable of reflecting UV rays all over the surface of the object being sterilized. That way, all surfaces of objects will be sterilized and free from germs.

Auto Off Features

The Spectra UV Sterilizer is equipped with an auto off feature on the UV lamp when the Spectra UV door is opened. This feature is certainly an added value for Moms, since it is not only more convenient, but also safer to use.

Auto System

When you run the auto system, Spectra UV will automatically run the fan or drying feature before irradiating. The goal is to reduce bacterial contamination from circulating air during drying.

spectra sterilizer review parent guide

What's in the Spectra UV Sterilizer Package?

One UV Sterilizer
Stainless rack (SUS 304)
Stainless basket (SUS 304)
Power cord
One warranty card
User manual

spectra sterilizer review parents guide

Tips for Assembling UV Spectra

Before installing, clean the Spectra UV main unit and its components. Clean each part with a soft cloth without mixing with water to avoid damaging the product.
Install the stainless shelf on the first unit by tilting it slightly to prevent scratching. Place it on the shelf holder slowly.
Install the stainless basket on the main unit by placing it on the base.

How to use Spectra UV Sterilizer?

There are four buttons that you should pay attention to when using the Spectra UV Sterilizer, including the Auto (automatic), Dry (drying process), UV, and Storage (storage) buttons.

spectra sterilizer

Auto (automatic)

When touched, Spectra UV will automatically run the fan or drying feature before irradiating.
One touch: 10 minutes drying process, 5 minutes sterilization and 20 minutes air circulation.
Double touch: 20 minutes drying process, 5 minutes sterilization and 30 minutes air circulation.
Triple touch: 30 minutes drying process, 5 minutes sterilization and 40 minutes air circulation.
Touch four times to turn off the tool.

Dry (drying process)

The Drying Process button can be touched if you want to do the sterilization process manually.
One touch: 10 minutes drying process and 10 minutes air ventilation.
Double touch: 20 minutes drying process and 20 minutes air ventilation.
Triple touch: 30 minutes drying process and 30 minutes air ventilation.
Touch four times to turn off the tool.


Touch once: 5 minutes UV circulation and 10 minutes air circulation.
Double touch: 10 minutes UV circulation and 15 minutes air circulation.
Triple tap to turn off the tool.

Storage (storage place)

One touch: 1 minute sterilization and 1 minute air circulation every two hours.
Touch 3 times to turn off the tool.
Tips for Caring for UV Sterilizers
For optimal sterilization, replace the UV lamp faithfully.

In short, in my opinion, this Spectra sterilizer is extremely worth buying. Because they are capable of sterilizing up to 99.99% of bacteria, sterilizing many items at the same time, saving you time and effort. Besides, the price is not too expensive and I am quite assured of the quality!